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Portland Travel Diary {Day 3}


{one girl does not need this much luggage for 3 days}

I can’t believe how quickly 3 days goes by! I woke up on the third day not wanting to go home, but feeling sick. So after I got ready and packed my bags I headed to Target for some cold meds. In true Ariana fashion, I can’t resist a Nordstrom so I spent a good amount of time browsing around and buying myself a new pair of Topshop jeans. I had hit every spot on my list and wanted to stay downtown for the day, so I decided to head back to Powell’s. I ended up getting another book and then walking over to a nearby Starbucks to sip some tea, read, and relax. That is the best part about traveling alone…you can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with zero guilt. I spent about an hour reading before I got hungry and found a healthy salad place nearby called Garden Bar. I got the Blissful Detox salad which was HUGE and full of delicious and nutritious ingredients which is just what I needed after a couple days of overindulging and feeling sick.


Then I went back to Blue Star to totally counteract all the goodness I had just eaten! This time I got a maple bacon donut. It was good, but I preferred the two I tried my first day.


I walked back to my hotel and spend a few minutes in the courtyard enjoying the sunshine and reflecting on my time in Portland. It is such a nice place with friendly people and I would definitely go back!



Portland Travel Diary {Day 1}


A couple weeks ago I packed my bags and headed to Portland. This was the first time I ever went on a trip alone and decided to go to a city I had never been to. Portland really is a charming city with so much to do. I stayed downtown at the Hotel Modera and spent all of my days walking, exploring, eating, and relaxing. If you’ve never traveled alone before, I highly suggest it, even if you are only a short plane ride from home.

My first stop after dropping my bags off at the hotel was Blue Star Donuts. I have a donut addiction and any time I go to a new city I have to try a local donut. One thing I quickly learned is that locals judge you by your donut choice. The two main options are Vodoo and Blue Star and every person has a strong opinion about which is better and which you should visit. Since I tried Vodoo in Denver, I went with Blue Star and was NOT disappointed. I tried the lemon poppyseed old fashioned and the orange olive oil cake donut. Both were delicious and I would eat them again.



After sitting at the window people watching and enjoying my donuts and the sunshine, I decided it was time to walk it off and start exploring. My first stop was the famous Powell’s book store. Within a few minutes of being inside, it became one of my favorite places. The bookstore has every book you could imagine and is such a peaceful and relaxing place. I kept walking around and around exploring all of the rooms. I ended up spending close to two hours walking around, taking it all in, and getting my hands on a couple fun things. With my purchases in hand, I hit the streets again to explore all of the cute boutiques and unique shops in the area. Since I had been up since 5am I was extra excited when the hotel called saying my room was ready and I headed back to unwind and relax before dinner.


The room was great. It was chic and modern and I love a good throw blanket. The bathroom was bright and spacious with a fun sliding door. I took full advantage of a big bed all to myself and took a pre-dinner nap. I heard from a few people that Departure was a great restaurant so I freshened up and headed there for happy hour. A wise friend who travels often for work told me to sit at the bar and that’s exactly what I did. I had the bartender whip up his favorite tequila cocktail and ordered a teriyaki chicken skewer and garlic fried rice. Both were delicious and I would undoubtedly eat them both again. I met some really nice people at dinner who gave me their must see list and made dinner alone not so uncomfortable.


After a long and exciting day, I was super excited to unwind with a long bath and a good nights sleep. Check back Wednesday to hear all about Day 2!