Favorite Pinterest Recipes

Food MantraMy Mantra via Pinterest 

I love FOOD! I love to eat food, cook food and talk about food. One thing I don’t like about food is how difficult it can be to cook for one person. I am not always the biggest fan of leftovers, but I do like to have a few things ready to go in the fridge so that I can whip up something quickly after the gym or on the go. I regularly turn to Pinterest for inspiration and I thought I would share six of my favorite Pinterest recipes with you. These are dishes that I don’t mind having leftover for a few days and are staples when I am in a cooking rut. Let me know what your favorite dishes are and how you cook for one!

Easy Garlic ChickenGarlic Mushroom QuinoaCrunchy Black Bean TacosSmashed PotatoesSpaghetti Squash FrittersQuinoa Chili

Easy Garlic Chicken| Garlic Mushroom Quinoa | Crunchy Black Bean Tacos | Crispy Smashed Potatoes with Avocado Garlic Aioli| Bacon, Spaghetti Squash, and Parmesan Fritters | Quinoa Chili



63 thoughts on “Favorite Pinterest Recipes

  1. Kaitlyn Powell

    These all sound so good! And there’s definitely variety in the recipes so your not eating the same thing every day! I always look to Pinterest for ideas on what to cook for dinner!

  2. Helena

    Haha that quote at the begging of the post is hilarious – and a good way of thinking. Thank you for sharing these delicious recipes!


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