Top Ten: Favorite YouTubers

A couple weeks ago, I shared my favorite blogs (here). While creating that post, I realized that I am equally obsessed with YouTube. I do enjoy the occasional cat video, but I spend most of my time on YouTube watching vlogs and beauty gurus. Here are my top ten but there are definitely more. Who’s your favorite?

The Saccone Jolys– Their daily vlogs are the reason I spend so much time on YouTube. They have two adorable children and the best accents. I watch their vlogs every day and I cannot get enough.

Jaclyn Hill– She is hilarious, beautiful, flawless, and has the best recommendations. When Jaclyn tells me she loves something, I almost always seriously consider buying it. She used to work at MAC and shares so many tips for making makeup easier and look more flawless and natural. But watch with caution or your bank account will be in trouble!

Tanya Burr– I have a thing for British YouTubers. Tanya seems like the kindest, happiest and most authentic person. You can’t help but smile when you watch her videos and her makeup is always so stunning. Plus, I think that her and her fiance, Jim, are the sweetest couple.

Hannah Maggs– Hannah and her husband, Steffen, do weekly vlogs along with their son Greyson/Mr. G. The artistry and editing of these videos is unlike most I have seen on YouTube. They use great camera angles, unique background music and make you think of life in such a new and fun way. I look forward to their video every Sunday. Do yourself a favor and find the video where Mr. G goes to the baby spa for the first time!

Essie Button– I feel like Estee and I would be great friends because we are on the same level of awkward. She has such unique recommendations and is not the stereotypical beauty guru. I also enjoy popping over to her vlog channel every once and a while to check in on her adventures with her boyfriend, Aslan, and their dog, Reggie.

Missglamorazzi– First things first, watch her apartment tour! Ingird has so many great recommendations from brands that you typically don’t hear about. She also offers a lot of great tips and tricks in her videos about products and how to use them. I love that she posts healthy recipes on her channel that always give me inspiration.

Nicole Guerriero– Her tutorials are amazing. She has some seriously crazy tutorials that are definitely not for daily wear but will blow you away with what makeup can do. I love that she often includes bloopers at the end of her videos.

Makeup By Alli– Alli was one of the first channels I subscribed to. She uses a great mix of drug store and high end products. She isn’t afraid to use color and spice things up. I love when her cat, Biscuit, makes cameos in her videos.

Jenna Marbles– OBVIOUSLY! I think Jenna is hysterical. It is inspiring to see a woman who is unapologetically herself. Plus she has the guts to say what a lot of people are thinking. My two favorite videos are How to Avoid Talking to People you Don’t Want to Talk to (you may have already seen this) and What Bitches Wear at the Airport! Both have me in tears no matter how many times I watch them.

MM and L Show– I have a love-hate relationship with MM&L. I love their old videos and have not been too thrilled with their newest stuff. They do have a lot of great health, fitness and skin care tips; so they are worth checking out if you are interested in those topics. They were the first channel I ever subscribed to so I watch their videos regardless of my love-hate relationship. I love that they are both strong and independent women! Watch their first drugstore beauty video!

Do you have any favorites that I didn’t mention? Let me know.



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