What’s Good Wednesday

I thought I would start a series called What’s Good Wednesday to remind myself to pay more attention to all the good things in life both big and small! I figured what better day than hump day to display the things currently making me happy to help conquer the rest of the work week?

what's good wednesday blooms

I picked up some bright blooms over the weekend and they are currently living on my bedside table.

what's good wednesday turkey balls

I am attempting to do the Health Goddess two week tone and slim down program with one of my friends. I don’t know how rigid I will be about sticking to the plan, but I am excited to learn new recipes and tricks to live a healthier lifestyle. These turkey meatballs did not disappoint!

what's good wednesday books

I have been really into reading lately. Paper Towns is next on my list. I have already finished the others shown here plus If I Stay and The Beginning of Everything (currently on loan to friends). I am taking full advantage of my Amazon Prime membership and ordering new books every few weeks. I would love recommendations from you!



8 thoughts on “What’s Good Wednesday

  1. Hayley Larue

    Such a good idea! It’s so easy to forget about all the goo things in our life, and it’s so important to pay attention to those little things in order to have a more positive outlook on life. I might have to do my own “what a good wednesday” in my head before going to bed 🙂
    P.s. LOVE that white doggie decoration! ❤



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